Today, as the attitudes and opinions are changing towards sex and aging. It comes as no surprise that older adults are active sexually and want to continue sharing their lives and [...]
Sex is a healthy part of aging and it is a fact that the world is waking up to. However this was not a widely accepted belief just few years back. People all over the world believe[...]
vaginal dryness causes treatments
Every woman will experience vaginal dryness at some point. The female body is designed to create extra lubrication in the reproductive area to protect the fragility of the uterus a[...]
sexual health after menopause
Older women can still have very active and healthy sex lives. Often this has to be a mental choice because you will have to change some of the ways you thought about sex in the pas[...]
sexual health with age
Aging is an irreversible and a lifelong process which begins even before we are born and continues all throughout life. The process of aging has different effects on men and women [...]